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We know that behind every good food story, there is a great people story. Taste Utah is an interactive dining guide featuring innovative videos of the best restaurants in Utah. We are the go-to resource for eating out at Utah restaurants and helping you make the all-important decision of where you want to eat. Our site offers you an insiders view into the purpose and passion that fuels Utah restaurants.

You also have the opportunity to participate in the visual feast. Simply post your food photos through Instagram and hashtag the restaurant’s name in which you are eating and your photos will then automatically be featured on our website.

Travel the state with us through the Taste Utah site as we uncover the food stories and people that make eating out in Utah so unique. Food is the beginning. Utah Dining is the destination.

Hungry for more Taste Utah and the restaurants featured on this site? Join Katy as she helps you take a bite out of Utah’s food culture in this weekly series Sundays on ABC4 at 9:30 AM.